BLM: Check boundaries before starting work on area lands

BLM: Check boundaries before starting work on area lands
Crested wheatgrass is heavily grazed on one side of the fence with sagebrush on the other side of the fence. (Photo courtesy Laura Cunningham, Western Watershed Project)

CARSON CITY – Officials with the Bureau of Land Management this week said they’re seeing an increase of “unauthorized use” on public lands. Their advice: get a survey to ensure the work you’re doing, such as building a road or constructing a fence or fire break, is on your land and not the BLM’s or any other public agency’s.

“We’ve seen an increase in lands and realty trespass and want to remind the public to check with their local BLM office on property boundaries and development on public land,” said Kimberly Dow, Sierra Front Field Manager. “We want to work with people to make sure they are not in trespass before they start rather than discovering it later which can result in fines or other penalties.”

In addition to checking property boundaries, BLM officials said some projects need a right-of-way or other BLM approval. Those include grading or improving roads and cutting vegetation.

Those in violation of trespass laws could be required to pay administrative costs caused by the trespass, along with fair market land rent or charge for road use for the years of trespass. They could also be required to return the land to its previous state.

The BLM provided these steps to get a right-of-way on public lands:

  • Review information on how to obtain a ROW on public lands at the following link:
  • Contact the appropriate BLM office with responsibility for the land where the ROW is needed.
  • Obtain and review an SF-299 (ROW form) application form.
  • Arrange a pre-application meeting with BLM staff.
  • Submit a completed SF-299 application by mail or in-person.

For more information on BLM lands within the Carson City District call 775-885-6028 or email

Source: BLM