BLM urges fire safety over holiday weekend

BLM urges fire safety over holiday weekend

RENO — Officials with the Bureau of Land Management this week are reminding people to be fire safe as they enjoy the holiday weekend outdoors.

Careless actions and the illegal and improper use of fireworks are blamed for numerous wildfires that must be put out by fire crews on most Fourth of July weekends, according to BLM fire management officer Paul Petersen.

“In many places, the lush, thick grass of spring has dried out and has created very, high fire danger,” Petersen said. “Firefighters urge Nevadans to use fireworks legally, appropriately and wisely.”

As of May 1, carrying, discharging or using fireworks on BLM-managed lands are a misdemeanor crime and can result in fines. People who start wildfires may also be required to pay for damage and suppression costs.

Fire restrictions and closures are in place throughout Nevada. For a complete list visit

Source: BLM