Carson Valley wayfinding signage project completed

Carson Valley wayfinding signage project completed
A new wayfinding sign in Carson Valley. Image: YESCO / CVVA

CARSON VALLEY – A five-year project to improve wayfinding in the Carson Valley was completed in May. A total of 21 signs directing drivers to recreation areas, landmarks and other notable sites were placed in Minden, Gardnerville, Genoa and Topaz Lake.

Carson Valley Visitors Authority officials, who spearheaded the project with initial funding from the Travel Nevada infrastructure grant program, said the signs and their placement were thoroughly researched, reviewed, planned and tested by a variety of partners in the region. The emphasis was on bringing a well-guided experience to locals and visitors.

“One of the primary messages we use when speaking to potential visitors is to encourage them to ‘drive to it, not through it,’ and having this vital component complete helps in further paying off that statement,” said Jan Vandermade, executive director for the Carson Valley Visitors Authority, Visit Carson Valley. “What makes our community so rich are the gems that are off the beaten path. Numerous groups came together and worked closely on this effort to ensure that the experience and offerings were being promoted responsibly. This is a huge win for our community, as well as anyone who visits.”  

Most of the signs were placed on major roads in the valley, including Highway 395, Highway 88, the valley side of State Route 207 (Mottsville Lane) and State Route 757 (Genoa Lane and Jacks Valley Road). 

“While this isn’t the only way we educate and tell our visitors and locals about our incredible area, it’s the payoff to all our other marketing efforts,” said Vandermade. “This is where travelers come to visit our towns and know that we are committed to promoting the resilience and sustainability that our area depends on.” 

Source: Carson Valley Visitors Authority