Contractors Board awards homeowners for damages

Contractors Board awards homeowners for damages
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LAS VEGAS – Seven homeowners this month were awarded a total nearly $43,000 for damages incurred from work by licensed contractors in the state. The payouts were approved at the March 17 Nevada State Contractors Board Residential Recovery Fund Subcommittee meeting.

The committee meets at least every two months to consider payments for claims filed by Nevada homeowners. The claims are lodged for damages by licensed contractors, which include workmanship issues, failure to adhere to contract terms or other project matters.

The Recovery Fund has in the past two decades paid out more than $13 million to harmed homeowners. The funds are collected through assessments paid by licensed residential contractors.

Single family homeowners can file a complaint with the Nevada State Contractor’s Board for issues with their contractor that cannot be resolved directly. Claimants have up to four years from the date of the work to file the claim. Information is online at

Source: NSCB