Early primary voting ends tomorrow in Nevada

Early primary voting ends tomorrow in Nevada

By Suzanne Potter
This story was originally published by Public News Service.

CARSON CITY — Early voting in the Nevada primary ends tomorrow, but if you miss it, don’t despair. There are still multiple ways to vote.

Brian Harris, voter education organizer for the Institute for a Progressive Nevada, noted you can mail in your ballot, as long as it is postmarked on or before Election Day, and you can, of course, vote in person on Tuesday, June 14.

“You will be required to surrender your mail-in ballot or sign the form that said you will not attempt to vote with that mail-in ballot,” Harris pointed out. “The election worker will write ‘canceled’ on the ballot, and then you will be prompted to vote in person.”

If you mail your ballot, it will only be valid if you sign the envelope. You can find other tips plus information on the candidates at the Secretary of State’s website or at votesmartnv.org, a site put together by a nonpartisan coalition of groups including Silver State Voices, the ACLU, Institute for a Progressive Nevada, and the Asian Community Development Council.

If you have questions about your ballot or vote, you can contact your county registrar of voters or call the voter protection hotline at 866-OUR VOTE.

Harris emphasized every election, and every race from governor to the school board, affects people’s lives, so everyone should make their voice heard.

“This is their home. This is where people live. This is where people work and they have their family,” Harris stressed. “So if you want things to change in your community, you should go out and be the change that your community needs.”

If there is a discrepancy or your ballot envelope lacks a signature, the county will try to reach you to “cure” the ballot. The last day to fix any errors is June 20.