Employers, job seekers connect at JobFest (updated)

Employers, job seekers connect at JobFest (updated)
Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

Update, Dec. 11:

Initial reports from employers at JobFest hosted Dec. 7 in Las Vegas indicate 251 job seekers were hired on-the-spot at the event.

Gov. Steve Sisolak’s office shared follow-up information on the event after gathering feedback from companies that participated in the event. They shared that more than 1,200 interviews were conducted on-site, including first, second and third interviews.

“An example of a successful employer is Amazon, who interviewed over 200 job seekers and expects to hire at least 50 additional individuals by the end of the year. Walgreens conducted over 100 interviews, hired 20 on the spot, and expects to hire 30 more people in the coming weeks based on the fruitful interviews,” the governor’s office shared in a statement.

Original Story, Dec. 8:

LAS VEGAS — There were nearly 8 times more job openings than attendees at Tuesday’s JobFest at the Las Vegas Convention Center. An estimated 2,100 people attended the hiring event organized by state agencies to connect employers with job seekers in southern Nevada. Those looking for work could apply on-site to any of the nearly 17,000 job openings offered by 182 employers.

Job seekers could apply and interview for many of the open positions at the event, and some employers extended job offers on the spot.

Gov. Steve Sisolak, who promoted the event in advance and attended it, declared it a success.

“Today is a testament that we as a state are rebuilding and coming back stronger than ever – we have opportunities for Nevadans,” Gov. Sisolak said. 

Unemployment in Clark County remains the highest in the state at 7.4% as of the end of September, rebounding from a high of 33% in April 2020. It has nearly twice the rate of unemployment as most other counties in Nevada.

Workforce training and development programs—both a core part of the governor’s economic recovery plans for Nevada—were also part of the event.

“We have an amazing opportunity here today to not only connect Nevadans directly to jobs, but it was also a priority for me to have services here so we can connect Nevadans to retraining programs so they can learn new skills and find a new, good-paying career,” Gov. Sisolak said. “My administration will continue to work across sectors to make sure that Nevadans have access to job-training programs and employment opportunities.”

Also represented were support resources key to for some workers, including childcare assistance programs and financial assistance for training.