Environmental projects funded through license plate sales, renewals

Environmental projects funded through license plate sales, renewals
Lake Tahoe's water clarity. Image: Gabby Dodd

STATELINE – The purchase and renewal of Lake Tahoe branded license plates brought in more than $350,000 in 2021 that Nevada’s Division of State Lands said it will use to fund a number of environmental preservation and restoration projects.

A sample of Nevada’s Lake Tahoe license plate.

“The challenges in Lake Tahoe continue to change and grow every day,” officials at the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources said. “As wildfire risks, climate change and ever-growing demands for outdoor recreation continue to compound in Lake Tahoe, supporting the long-term sustainable health of the Tahoe Basin is more pressing than ever.”

The license plates are a simple, passive and seemingly effective way to raise funds for those efforts. For each $61 plate purchase $25 is given to Nevada Division of State Lands. Twenty dollars of the $30 annual renewal fee is also given to the division.

Grants approved for projects this year include:

  • Marlette Virtual Nature Trail. The virtual trail experience from Spooner Lake to Tunnel Creek with highlight dozens of points along the trail including local plants and wildlife.
  • Litter removal and survey by SCUBA divers. For the third year, SCUBA divers will conduct dives to trace litter movement in Lake Tahoe, remove trash from the water and study major sources of lake pollution.
  • Strategic planning for sustainable recreation and tourism opportunities.
  • Scientific monitoring and research of lake clarity.
  • Monitoring trail use along the Tahoe Rim Trail through public surveys and trail counters.
  • Monitoring of sensitive plants, including collecting data to inform future preservation efforts.

Since the plates were launched in February 1998 more than $11 million has been generated to support projects around the Nevada side of Lake Tahoe. California has a similar program and license plate.

Nevada’s Lake Tahoe license plate is available for purchase from the Department of Motor Vehicles, or online with free ski passes from http://tahoeplates.com/.

Source: DCNR