Nevada fire chiefs: Be prepared

Nevada fire chiefs: Be prepared
A scene from the Tamarack fire on July 17, 2021. Image: Ty O'Neil / This Is Reno

RENO–Members of the Northern Nevada Fire Chiefs Association this week said Nevadans should be prepared and take a proactive approach to preventing fire near their homes. The message was spurred by recent fires in Boulder County, Colorado that destroyed dozens of homes.

NNFCA members said the fires were a national loss and those working in fire service sent their condolences.

“It is important to recognize the devastation caused by the recent wildfires in Colorado can, and have, occurred here at home,” NNFCA officials said. “In fact, we have seen these wind driven wildfire disasters unfold locally on a smaller scale, causing loss of life and millions of dollars in property loss.”

Defensible space around homes and structures—a buffer zone clear of dry vegetation and combustible debris—was cited as essential to reducing the impacts of wildfire on residences. Officials also suggested home hardening: making roofs, eaves, vents, decks and rain gutters more fire-resistant.

“Additionally, have an escape route and practice it annually.  Be prepared with an emergency kit that includes enough food, water, clothing and essential supplies/medications for 72 hours,” officials said.

Residents in Boulder County had just minutes to flee their homes.

More information on defensible space, home hardening and fire prevention and safety is available from the Living With Fire program at