Nevadans claim more than $31 million in unclaimed property

Nevadans claim more than $31 million in unclaimed property
Photo by Braňo on Unsplash

CARSON CITY — Nevada’s Treasurer Zach Conine this week said February was a record-breaking month for unclaimed property claims, with more than $31 million in claims initiated. It’s the highest amount the treasurer’s office has said they’ve seen in a 30-day period in Nevada history.

Nearly 30,000 claims were filed in February of this year.  

Unclaimed property is any financial asset with no activity for a period of time, usually at least three years. It can include things such as refunds and rebates, savings and escrow accounts, gift cards, stocks and bonds, dividends, deposits, insurance checks or royalties.

Businesses report to the state’s unclaimed property program each year, so people who searched last year should check the system again.

Unclaimed property turned over to the state is held until its rightful owner is found, officials from the treasurer’s office said.

“The State of Nevada is currently holding almost $950 million in unclaimed property that is owed to Nevadans,” said Treasurer Zach Conine. “All of us in the Treasurer’s Office will continue to work as hard as we can to return these funds to their rightful owner.”

A simple search on, the state’s unclaimed property site, found four separate items valued at more than a few hundred dollars for our reporter’s family.