PHOTOS: Drought conditions grip Little Washoe Lake

PHOTOS: Drought conditions grip Little Washoe Lake
Drought conditions are leading to mass fish deaths at Little Washoe Lake in northern Nevada. Image: Ty O'Neil

Photos by Ty O’Neil, This Is Reno

Drought conditions are gripping Nevada and the West, and scientists and government officials have been sounding the alarm for months. In southern Nevada, “non-functional” grass has been banned and across the region trees are dying of thirst.  

Now, images from Washoe Lake State Park in northern Nevada show another result of the drought. Hundreds of fish are dying in an area that Nevada State Parks as boasted as “excellent short fishing opportunities.” Both lakes within the park are home to channel and bullhead catfish, wipers, white bass and Sacramento Perch.

The area, categorized as wetlands, is also a forage and nesting area for migratory birds and waterfowl, including pelicans, herons, ibis, towhees and killdeer, among others.

Photographer Ty O’Neil documented the conditions at Little Washoe Lake over Fourth of July weekend.