Plan ahead for visit to Tahoe's Sand Harbor

Plan ahead for visit to Tahoe's Sand Harbor
Sand Harbor. Image: Nevada State Parks

INCLINE VILLAGE — Summer hours for Sand Harbor State Park are in effect and state parks officials said people driving to the beach should plan ahead for parking. The approach to the park along Highway 28 offers just two lanes of traffic and people parking on the shoulder or blocking traffic while waiting to get into the park may be cited.

The park opens at 7 a.m. each day and closes at 7 p.m.

“Visitors are advised to arrive at or after opening time,” parks officials said. “There is limited space to wait for the park to open.”

Once the parking lot is full park officials will close the gates. They won’t reopen until 5 p.m. Limited parking will be offered in the boat launch area once the main parking lot is full, but that parking is reserved for kayak parking and vendor access.

State Parks officials said visitors can enter the park by walking or cycling along the East Shore Trail or by riding the East Shore Express, a bus operated by the Tahoe Transportation District.

Park entry is $10 for Nevada vehicles and $15 for out of state vehicles. Cash payment is required.