REPORT: Nevada half way to 2030 renewable energy goal

REPORT: Nevada half way to 2030 renewable energy goal
Solar panels. Photo by American Public Power Association on Unsplash

CARSON CITY–The Nevada Governor’s Office of Energy (GOE) last week released a report highlighting progress the state has made in advancing renewable energy initiatives in the state. In the report, the agency also highlighted the state’s advances in supporting electric vehicles.

“Because transportation and electricity generation are Nevada’s two largest contributors to [greenhouse gas] emissions, GOE’s program work in 2021 underscored our focus on transportation electrification and reaching the state’s legislatively required renewable portfolio standard,” said Director David Bobzien.

Nevada is half way to its goal of having 50% of its electricity generated from renewable resources by 2030, Bobzien said. GOE has been working with the state’s Department of Conservation of Natural Resources to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

GOE also worked with the California Public Utilities Commission to provide clean energy resources to the Golden State, which supported transmission development and additional jobs in both state.

A Renewable Energy Tax Abatement program also helped to add 1,332 megawatts of renewable energy capacity to the state. The program provides partial sales and use tax and partial property tax abatements to renewable energy facilities.

Residents have directly benefitted from GOE’s efforts as well. More than $580,000 was distributed to Nevada seniors to make energy efficiency improvements in their homes.

The complete DOE Status of Energy Report is online at

Source: Nevada GOE