Sisolak requests no charges in harassment incident

Sisolak requests no charges in harassment incident
Democratic Gov. Steve Sisolak delivered a state of the state address on Feb. 23, 2022. (Photo by Omer Khan | Las Vegas Raiders)

CARSON CITY – Gov. Steve Sisolak this week said he has asked prosecutors not to pursue charges against the men who accosted him and his family at a Las Vegas restaurant in late February.

The request, he said, was made in an effort to put the incident in the past and not give it further attention.

“As a husband, I’m outraged at the ethnic slurs and threats aimed at my wife. As a father, I cannot forget or forgive the vulgar and foul language hurled at my daughter,” the governor said in a statement.

“However, as governor of this great state, I feel an obligation to avoid further fueling, and at worst, glorifying the anger and violence plaguing our nation and our state.”

Instead, Sisolak said he wanted the media to focus on “the thousands of acts of kindness and the charitable activities of our many kindhearted Nevadans.”