State Climate Initiative releases heat resource guide

State Climate Initiative releases heat resource guide
Las Vegas. Photo by Kevin LEE on Unsplash

CARSON CITY – The Nevada Climate Initiative this week made public an Extreme Heat Resource Guide to assist Nevadans with resources and information to deal with heat-related challenges through the summer.

The resource guide – available here – includes a list of southern Nevada cooling stations and transit stops, links to heat trackers and weather information, toolkits for worksites and employers, and health-related information to avoid heat-related illness.

“The excessive heat we’re feeling is unprecedented – our summers are becoming hotter, drier and longer every year due to climate change,” Gov. Steve Sisolak said. “Now more than ever, we must come together to tackle the climate crisis and ensure we have the resources to protect Nevadans.” 

In May, Desert Research Institute released a study that found heat-related workplace injuries are on the rise in Las Vegas – the result of increasing temperatures and heat indexes rising from “extreme caution” to “danger.”

“Every year we are seeing increased heat waves and higher temperatures, and all of the people who work outside in the streets or in gardens or agriculture are exposed to this,” said lead author Erick Bandala, Ph.D., assistant research professor of environmental science at DRI.

Heat injuries can damage tissues and internal organs and require lengthy recovery.

Experts recommend people working outdoors in the heat drink cool water regularly, take rest breaks, find shade, wear loose-fitting breathable clothing and monitor yourself and others for signs of heat illness. More information is online here:

Source: NCI