State releases historic preservation plan

State releases historic preservation plan
Diana Mine at Berlin-Ichthyosaur State Park

CARSON CITY – Nevada’s State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO) this month released a new eight-year preservation plan intended to protect and preserve historic and cultural resources in the state. It’s centered around five goals and was created with input from experts, partner organizations and community members.

“Taking a collaborative approach to historic preservation in Nevada provides the opportunity to hear from people across the state and integrate their expertise into our plan,” said Rebecca Palmer, SHPO administrator. “The next eight years will see significant accomplishments in the preservation of Nevada’s iconic history, and I thank all our partners for their efforts to help advance this important undertaking.” 

The five primary goals of the plan are: 

Identify and formally recognize significant cultural resources. 

Establish historic preservation as a cornerstone for sustainable and vibrant communities. 

Balance the goals of respecting, preserving, and promoting Nevada’s significant cultural resources and strengthening the state’s economy and infrastructure. 

Provide Nevadans with access to information about cultural resources and how to care for and engage with them responsibly. 

Foster a diverse historic preservation community.

Within the set of goals, the plan includes 14 objectives and 55 historic preservation tasks that cover preservation efforts to be conducted over the next eight years.

SHPO gathered input for the plan with surveys completed by residents in all 17 counties, public meetings and one-on-one interviews with policymakers, tribal leaders, archaeologists and nonprofits.

Nevada’s State Historic Preservation Plan can be downloaded here, and hard copies will be available after the COVID-19 emergency declaration is lifted. To receive a hard copy, contact