UNR launches dual agriculture and economics program

UNR launches dual agriculture and economics program
An alfalfa farmer cutting a crop. Farmers and ranchers often experience a feeling of isolation, which can increase their stress level. Image: Provided by UNR Extension

RENO—The University of Nevada, Reno this week announced a new dual degree program giving students the opportunity to earn bachelor’s degrees in agriculture science and economics in just four years. College officials say the program responds to industry changes that require agricultural producers to not just understand the science of growing crops, but also the economic factors that can influence the industry.

Nevada’s agriculture industry has grown at a far faster pace than the national average—increasing jobs by 60.4%. over the past decade, compared to a 7.4% gain nationally. It is recognized by the Governor’s Office of Economic Development as one of the state’s key industries.

UNR’s Bill Payne, dean of the College of Agriculture, Biotechnology and Natural Resources, said one of the program’s goals is to help the state prosper economically. College of Business Dean Greg Mosier agreed.

“Nevada needs more professionals who can serve this growing industry and provide producers with the data and analysis they need,” Mosier said. “Graduates of this new dual-degree program will help fill that gap.”

College officials said that in addition to educating the next generation of agricultural producers, the program will increase the number of professionals in the state who can “analyze data, national and international trade, and public policy related to agriculture, and help guide the industry, serving as resources for the state’s producers.”

More information on the program is available at https://www.unr.edu/degrees/majors/agricultural-economics.

Source: UNR