Victim in Las Vegas school beating secures legal representation

Victim in Las Vegas school beating secures legal representation
Las Vegas High School. Image: CCSD

LAS VEGAS–The victim in a beating at Las Vegas High School earlier this month is now being represented by a pair of attorneys, including the executive director of ACLU in Nevada. In a statement, the attorneys said they were helping the victim to seek accountability in the matter.

“Our client legitimately could have died as a result of this incident and continues to experience the physical toll of being struck by dozens of blows to her head when she was already unconscious,” said ACLU’s Athar Haseebullah.

Cell phone video from Feb. 2 of the student being repeatedly struck in the back of the head by another student while in a classroom was widely circulated on the internet following the incident. The attacker struck the victim, who was seated at a desk, dozens of times before walking away.

In the video a teacher can be heard telling the attacker to stop and several students are heard laughing. The attack continued for about 20 seconds with no other interference. When it was over the victim was left facedown at her desk, unmoving.

No information has been released on the condition of the victim following the attack.

Lead counsel Robert Langford, a Las Vegas criminal defense attorney, said incidents like the beating in a school district as large as Clark County’s must not go unchecked.

“This situation is horrific, and no student should ever have to experience what she has been through,” Langford said. “Every student has the right to a safe and respectful learning environment in Nevada, but that becomes mere lip service if a student is brutally beaten when simply doing their schoolwork and their families are left without answers.”

Clark County School District officials issued a statement following the incident, saying, “CCSD investigates every reported case of bullying and takes appropriate action if needed. We are unable to discuss individual student disciplinary matters due to privacy laws.”

Haseebullah said his priority was getting justice for the victim.

“For Spanish-speaking mothers and families, like those of our client, attempting to get answers and navigate a system of ‘justice’ in the wake of disaster is often met with unacceptable barriers instead of decency. I’m proud to stand beside our client and her mother as they seek accountability.”

Las Vegas Metropolitan Police cited the attacker with a misdemeanor battery charge. CCSD police said they are continuing to investigate the matter.